About me

Unarvu is a multidisciplinary therapy centre for children with Autism and Learning Disability(LD).

The therapies we provided are
Occupational therapy
Speech therapy
Autism Intervention
Group therapy
Special Education (LD)
We give therapies based on TEACCH and ABA.
What is TEACCH?
TEACCH is a Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication.The University of Carolina created TEACCH program for Autism.
The TEACCH principles based on a structed teaching .These principles are organization of the physical enviornment, a predictable sequence of activites,visual schedule,flexibility,visually structured activity.

Benefit for TEACCH

Visual schedule

The child should have predictable pattern of activity What come next.So there behavioural challenged will reduce.

The child should know what have to do now

The child should know what have to do now > next then.


teaching methods are left to right pattern.
It means the therapist already kept the activity in left side.The child suppose to take the activity from left side after doing keep it in right hand side box.It is so easy for the child when to start and also when to stop.

Group Therapy

We provide Group therapy for children with Autism. Group therapy is one and half hour program. The children divided by his age group. Group therapy mainly focus on socialization and communication skills.
Group therapy fully based on a music, structured, work schedule, fun based activity. We give time for children to play


ABA is a Applied Behavioural Analysis.ABA is a therapy method that teaches skill and proper behaviour through reinforcement.In ABA simplify all the task ,then take one activity do it again and again

Occupational therapy

The over all goal of occupational therapy is to help people with Autism improve their ability of life at home and in School. Occupational Therapy (OT)helps people work on Cognitive, Physical, social and motor skills. The goal is to improve everyday skills which allow people to become more independent. OT strategies can also help to manage sensory issues.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problem and speech disorders. It is performed by the Speech Language Pathologist .Which are often referred to as Speech Therapist.
Speech therapy techniques are used to improve communication. In speech therapy a Speech therapist works with a child one-on one, in a small group.

Managing Director

Binoy .B


Sheney James

I am Sheney James. I did Bacherlors of Rehabilitation Science (B.R.Sc) from Thiruchirappalli(Tamil Nadu) .
I did Diploma in Special Education (Autism spectrum Disorder) from Spastic Society of Karnataka.
I did Masters in Autism from University of Wales(Newport,U.K)
Work Experience
• Asha Kiran Special School (Banglore)
• Byrnglass School(U.K)
• Bubbles Special School(Banglore)
• As a consultant in leading Medical College,Kerala

I had  more than 13yrs of experience in the field of Autism from in and outside India.

What is Autism Spectrum Disoder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition related to brain development  that impact how a person perceive and socialize with others,causing problem in social interaction and communication.The disorder also include limited and repetitive behaviour




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